The Mask of Anubis

from by Kryptos

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In traditional Egyptian lore Anubis, who bears the head of a dog/jackal and body of a man, is referred to as the god of embalment whose main role is to prepare the souls of the dead for procession into the netherworld. Anubis is usually known as the offspring of Osiris (god of the underworld) and Nephthys. There is also a belief that Osiris was in love with Isis but Nephthys disguised herself as Isis and seduced Osiris, which in turn led to the birth of Anubis.

The Mask of Anubis is based on a certain twist to the Anubis legend of Egyptian mythology. According to the song Nephthys gives birth to Anubis after an affair with Herrut, the serpent god. Her main motive is to gain revenge on Osiris who had spurned her initial advances due to his infatuation with Isis.

Nephthys and Anubis seek the aid of Set (god of darkness and Osiris’ brother and sworn enemy) and Thoth (who is the god of knowledge and magic). Nephthys devises a plan to overthrow Osiris and make Anubis the undisputed god of the underworld. In order to do that they must seek the mask of plagues, which lies in a plane of reality that can only be accessed through a vortex beneath the Nile. Once they attain this mask they perform magick rituals at a sacred site, which gives Anubis immortality and unlimited power over life and death. To Osiris’ horror he is captured and sacrificed to Set while Anubis takes his place as the undisputed god of the underworld.


Into the depths we go
Across the astral planes
The winds of Khet blow foul
Beneath the cloak of night

Into the womb of the Nile
The blackened heart of the damned
The scarab's eyes glow black
With shades of death

Hail! O sorceress, dark mistress of Set
Bathe my soul in unholy light
Master of the spheres
Keeper of the spells
I am Anubis, The jackal head

Into the spectral void
The spiral halls of the dead
Within this sepulchre
The mask of plagues

Hail! O temptress, vile minion of Thoth
Sear my soul with infernal fire
Monarch of the ages
Guardian of the wells
I am Anubis, the jackal head.

Burn! Osiris, God of the Dead
Hail! Anubis, The Serpent flesh

Into the moonlit spires
Of ancient ruins past
The shifting sands of time
Bring a ritual sacrifice

Hail! Nephthys, Witch mother on high
Praise Herrut, Viperian liege
Patron of the sinners
Defiler of the saints
I am Anubis, Immortal death


from The Coils of Apollyon, track released February 18, 2012
Music: Kryptos Lyrics: Nolan Lewis



all rights reserved


Kryptos Bengaluru, India

With over a decade under their belts and considered by many to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning metal underground in India, Kryptos have spearheaded the steady rise of Indian heavy metal over the years.
Formed in late 1998, Kryptos have strived to create original, melodic metal, which combines the aesthetics of 80s thrash and pure melodic metal.
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